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Posted by Karla Aden at 6/13/2011 8:52 PM
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NOTE TO READER:  This email is from Jeanne Aden (Gary Aden’s wife) who provides what she knows about Fred and Meda Aden..  Interesting reading to say the least and shows our famous side of the family.  Also note according to Jeanne, her input may not be completely factual.

Karla Aden 6/13/11

Karla:  You remember Fred Aden who ran a school in Argentina and worked at Claremont College north of me in L.A. area. The celebration of life that is being held this weekend here in S.D is for his youngest child,Meda, named after her Mother and Fred’s wife, Meda.  I think she was born in Argentina, but I’m not sure.  They lived down in Argentina during the Peron era and I believe entertained or were sometimes entertained by that government. Meda sang here at the Del Coronado Hotel when she and one of her husband’s were living in Chula Vista. Mel and Meda and Phyllis and Ruth and Fred Jr. were Fred’s children.  All very musical and Phyllis SAnders children are entertainers today.  Jay Sanders has been in many movies and Phyllis visited Mel one time and then had dinner with us and Aunt Elda.  She was very active in senior activites and had a TV program for seniors out of Philadelphia.  I believe my facts are correct but in case they aren’t please don’t include this letter in the genealogy. Elizabeth wrote to you and she is Phyllis daughter.  Hope all is well.  Love you, Jeanne

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Karla Aden <[email protected]> wrote:

Jeanne, who is Mel, Elizabeth, and Phyllis?

I am glad you’re going to the Fred Aden reunion.  That ought to be interesting.  Let me know what takes place.

I am glad I’ve located Michelle too.  Hopefully, she will respond to my email.

Still do not have a job.  It’s a tough market.

More later.  I love you.

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