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Posted by Karla Aden at 2/2/2011 11:18 A
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Hi Karla

I followed your directions.  Here is the charted genealogy put into Word 2003 format.  I hope I was still able to maintain the various links in active status.  Since this is in the form of a huge genealogy chart, it is necessary to maintain the various line formats which vary throughout the document.  If the line lengths or formats are changed in any way, the whole thing is likely to fall apart and become a useless mess of gibberish.  I do not know if you can define it as an “object” rather than a document in order to maintain it intact as it is.  I hope that you can use it as it is reasonably good research although I will admit that I left a lot to be desired in terms of proper citations for my sources which I did try to list.


Sent by Paul Olson 2/2/11 3:15 PM


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