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Posted by Karla Aden at 4/11/2009 11:31 AM 
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Dear Karla,
I have enclosed part of what I have.  The first part is a narrative which will be of little interest to you.  It tells mostly which I stuck with this genealogy.  The Aden genealogy is actually a single page chart within the narrative.  It is but a tiny part of what you have because we quickly ran out of gas (information) on the Aden side.  It was the mothers side, the mother of Clifford and Carlin Aden, Freda Gertrude Bryant where all of the family magic occurred.  She is descended from the family of Daniel Boone.  The Boones are descended from all of the early royalty of Europe.  They are descended from the Holy Family and the Roman Emperors, and on back to Adam and Eve.  I found all of that on the Internet and in various encyclopedias.
I think Z Hunter and T Shelden are pen-names for the same person, very likely Wanda Aden Sutich or maybe Dorothy King Aden.  It could possibly be the daughter of Carlin Aden, Karla Aden.  Wanda and Carlin have both passed on and Dorothy is 95 now and no longer into genealogy.  Z Hunter was intimately familiar with the family of Clifford Aden and told me several of the family secrets and closet skeletons, which I can not pass on.  I have spent about 700 hours with the Adens over the last 50 years.
The narrative explains why I was interested to pursuing this particular genealogy even though I am not a member of the family.  Specifically, all of the members of the family are highly gifted genetically, and my hypothesis was that if multiple descendents of Daniel Boone are similarly gifted, could that reflect back on him about 250 years ago?  So I developed it as a genetic genealogy.  I am unusual in that respect in that I am really sticking my neck out on this one.  As an unbiased observer, you can take a look at it and let me know among other things, if I am full of crap, or if I might have a case, albeit a weak one.
Since I am the only one who has ever done this that I know of, I am bound to be off track in some areas.  So far I just have not had any critical review.  Thank you for just taking a look at it.
PaulAttachment in Email 3

Comment:  This guy contacted me through the website.  This information may or not be relevant for any future genealogy enthusiasts in the Aden family.  I am adding it for the soul purpose of possible new information regarding our family.

Karla Aden
August 9, 2009

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