Paul Olson Genealogy Part III – Charts – May 2011 – Email 17

Posted by Karla Aden at 6/8/2011 11:07 A
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Hello Karla,

It is nice to hear from you again.  I hope that means that you are feeling better and your foot is also better.  I am sending the genealogical chart section again.  I must apologize for not following an official genealogical format.  I am far from being an expert in those details.  I collected my information from various members of the extended Aden Family in the Pacific Northwest and from many other sources including many on the Internet.  I tried to record what I wanted in a logical order and sequence, and to give credit to the various sources.

One reason that I continued working on this genealogy was that I found that it was possible to trace it all of the way back to Adam and Eve and to many famous early kings and emperors.  That was rather exciting and I learned so much about history and many of the famous leaders of ancient history.  I hope that the readers will find it to be as interesting as I did.  I found that it also raised many questions, few of which I have answers for or the expertise to answer.  I found many mistakes in the works of others that I was using as references and I am sure that people will find some errors in my work also, but I made a special effort to be as accurate as possible and to point out a few problems when I was unable to satisfactorily resolve them.


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