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The (not so)  Short Version of the Genealogy and one Complete Branch of the Family Tree, going all the way back to Adam and Eve, of Nancy (Aden) Felix, Wife of Robert G. Felix,

and mother of Michael Felix — all of  Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand


This genealogy and family tree also applies to the following families (aunts, uncles, and cousins, of Nancy and their descendants), most of whom live in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon:  – Aden, Bryant, Culley,  Sutich, and Wilcoxson.  This is a different kind of genealogy.  Instead of being just names and dates, it also contains narrative profiles and anecdotes of many of the family members.  I call it a genetic genealogy because I try to trace some of the physical, mental, and personality characteristics of this highly gifted family line back to their ancestors including the family of the great American explorer and frontiersman, Daniel Boone from whom they are descended.

The actual definition of “Genetic Genealogy” taken from Wikipedia on the Internet begins as:  “Genetic genealogy is the application of genetics to traditional genealogy.   Genetic genealogy involves the use of genealogical DNA testing to determine the level of genetic relationship between individuals.”  The description of genetic genealogy goes on for several pages more and is well explained in Wikipedia.  There has been no DNA testing so far for this genealogy.


To the Residents of Auckland and Parnell

I have known various members of the Aden family since September 1957.  I first met Nancy Aden in September 1960 when she and I were both starting the 11th grade in the same high school and were classmates in the same high school chemistry class of Mr. Vance Reeves.  I found Nancy and her entire family to be highly gifted and absolutely fascinating from a sociological and psychological perspective.  I proceeded to become best friends with Nancy and better acquainted with several other members of her extended family. This genealogy and narrative is but a tiny portion of the story of Nancy Aden Felix and her parents and offers a brief narrative glimpse into their lives.  It includes one branch of their extensive and fascinating genealogy and family tree as best as I could put it together over a period of about 50 years with the help of several existing Aden genealogies and Nancy’s parents as well as three other membersof the older generation of the extended Aden family clan, and many related genealogies that I found on the Internet of others who were also traveling the same genealogical path back in time.  My role in this genealogy, as an outside friend of the family, was primarily one of gathering, recording, compiling, and assembling the available information that was provided to me by a number of sources including Nancy’s parents and three members of the extended Aden family, rather than one of my doing any significant amount of original or primary genealogical research.

I need your help.  In more recent years the senior members of the Aden family with whom I have been working for the last fifty years have either passed on or have become very old and are no longer mentally active or interested in further effort in these genealogical activities, thus my work is done.  They requested that I make this work available to any descendants who might be interested in it and specifically, they wanted me to make sure the descendants of Nancy’s parents, who are living in Auckland, New Zealand, receive a copy of this.

Nancy moved from the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with her husband, Robert G. Felix, to Parnell in the mid 1970’s, and they now have a son, Michael Felix, who was born in Auckland in August 1983.

If you know any of them, would you please be so kind and alert them to the existence of this web site and their genealogy? Robert and Nancy live on Laurie Avenue with their home positioned on the favored north side of Laurie Ave with its northern boundary right on Ayr Reserve.   Laurie Avenue is located north off Ayr Street, immediately east of the intersection of Ayr Street and Parnell Road.  Their home is a short 0.6 km walk east from the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain — in Parnell. Michael Felix should have completed his education at the university where he was majoring in “art design”, and since he was born in 1983, he is likely to be living on his own by now, most likely somewhere in the Auckland or the North Island region.

Thank you for any assistance you might provide in letting Nancy, Robert, and/or Michael Felix know about this genealogy. Please feel free to examine it.  Please leave any comments that you may have in the “comment” section or at the email address shown in the first pages of the attachment.  I think you will find this genealogy to be “interesting” and perhaps a few will even find it to be controversial, especially those purists and conservative genealogists who will only accept primary source  documents of information such as official copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates.  It is quite impossible to find copies of these original prime source documents for those who were born more than a few generations back so I had to use the best sources available which were often encyclopedias and the published works of others.

Paul J

Michigan USA


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