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Email from Paul Olson at [email protected] to Karla Aden at [email protected]
Email dated August 18, 2009

I am very pleased that you are able to preserve the information and research that has been done by the western Aden family, so that it may one day be used by those who have an interest in it.  My only comment was that the posted material should tend to stick to the facts and avoid opinions (of mine) especially where they are not so complementary or are a bit derogatory.  I just got so close to the inner workings of the Aden family that I saw relationships and workings within the family that other people who were more distant from the family did not see.  Some of these things might be genealogical information, but other things should be treated as “hear-say” and not made available as genealogy material.  I have found the Adens – at least the western Adens –  to be a very gifted family genetically.  It is very rare that anyone is given such an opportunity to look in on the inner workings of such a gifted family, but what I sadly found was a great family that had peaked and was slowly “regressing towards the mean”.  I learned many lessons from them and tried not to duplicate their mistakes and to do a much better job as a parent.  To that end, I think I have succeeded.  The big thing I learned is that even gifted people on their way up the ladder to greatness and fame need a support structure and a loyal circle of friends – more so at some points in their lives than at others.  So I have tried to provide that support structure to my own daughter and to her friends when they were with us.

I will go through my master copy, the long one,of the genealogy back to Adam and Eve and send it to you.  It is much more of a book than anything else.  I want to check it first with a fine tooth comb for any derogatory references, and it will not reveal the family secrets and closet skeletons.  That version is much longer and I just may take it to the grave with me.
While my research going back to Adam and Eve is very thorough, I do not take it very seriously.  Here is why.  If you ask people today if they were raised by both of their biological parents, a sizable percentage will say “no” and will admit to a step parent.  But others will say that they were abandoned by one biological parent or do not know who he is.  But the genealogies do not show this.  What percentage of people where not raised by both of their biological parents and do not show that in their genealogies?  5%?  10%?  I don’t know.   But they are listed as being the natural kids of the parents who raised them.  But you can assume that anytime you look at a family tree, a similar percentage of the listed members of the family tree have similar biological abnormalities in their genealogy.  We have no idea who they are.  There are about 40 generations per every thousand years and about 200 generations back to Adam and Eve.  If 5% of them have non-continuous DNA links between both parents and the listed child, then that would mean that you could expect to have about ten bad links in my own efforts to trace back to Adam and Eve.  Thus, there is virtually no chance that my work is factually DNA accurate all the way back to Adam and Eve, despite my best efforts to do a good job.  And no one else’s best work should be any more accurate.
If you would like this work, let me know.
In a message dated 8/18/2009 7:42:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
Paul, I have already loaded all but the last email you sent me on the website and this one.
It doesn’t matter whether or not all is correct; this information is just for my families eyes mostly although I have had some other people contact me as they were looking at it mostly because they are also interested for whatever reason.
This is really the only way to preserve the research you’ve done and the contribution you’ve made to it.  At some point in the future, I hope one of our family takes up where my brother Gary left off.  Your information could be helpful to them or anyone that views the website.
I thought I made this very clear in my previous emails that I was going to put whatever you sent me on the website.
If you view the website  You will find that you have to kind of dig for the information as it is not immediately visible.  You have to click on Family Blog and then the author to get to the emails as they don’t appear on the home page of the website.
It is all under your name Paul Olson as the author.  You can look at it for yourself.
I can take all this off if you would like, but I would much prefer not to.
The flip side of what your telling me is that the people may be interested in knowing that a website exists and that this information is preserved in case they want to use it for themselves.
Let me know.
Karla Aden
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Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 1:42 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Hello again. Thank for the comments from Jeanne
Hi Karla,
I am a little concerned about the information that I sent to you.  Some of it is genuine genealogical information, but many of my notes are for your eyes only or may be shared only with other close members of the Aden family but not put on the Internet for the general public, because they can not be taken back.  My “Points of Interest and Notes” is such an example, where it exposes some of the problems of the western Aden family.  Since they are still alive, the notes should not be made public.    I have sent you a replacement attachment where the offending notes have been removed.  You can make this one public, but please keep the information contained in my other notes and emails to yourself.
To give you an idea of what I did with / for the Adens, they did most of the research and supplied most of the information.  Being an engineer, I looked at numbers and looked for inconsistencies.  I have some genealogical rules that I made up myself.  (1) mothers must be not less than 13 nor more than 40 years older than their children.  (2) fathers must be not less than 15 nor more than 60 years older than their children.  (3) husbands and wives must be within 40 years of age of each other.  (4) marriages must take place when both the husband and wife are at least 15 years old.  (5)  The mother was pregnant when they got married if the first child is born less than 8 months after their marriage.  This may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised at how often these simple rules are violated in established genealogies.    If I find parents are too young relative to their children, I suspect that they are siblings rather than parent-child relationships.  If they are too old, I suspect that there is a missing generation.  At one spot in the early Aden genealogy, I have a situation where the father is listed as being 300 years younger than his daughter.  I should not have been the first to have spotted this glaring error.
When we got into biblical times, I found all kinds of genealogical errors which I highlighted in the long Aden genealogy.  But I preferred to follow genealogical and numeric logic rather than calling every error a religious miracle.  I learned a lot from doing this project and helping out the Aden family with their genealogy project.
The most important thing that I learned is that genetics predicts the potential in accomplishment and achievement that one is capable of but without super-parenting and the nurturing of friends, relatives, neighbors, and family, the greatest part of that potential is likely to remain forever undeveloped.  Thus, a family of more average genetic potential, like my own, can often rise above social expectations for them if they are supportive and nurturing of one another in an extreme manner.
I cite my own case as an example.  Mrs. Aden wanted her daughter, Nancy, to break off her friendship with me in June 1962 because she though I would never amount to anything more than a bum and would always be an embarrassment to the family.  I got a bachelors and a masters degrees in college and married an MD.  Our daughter played first chair clarinet in middle school and high school band and orchestra, competed in downhill ski racing for five years, won the state beauty pageant, and graduated from the University of Michigan with honors.  She did some professional advertising modeling in magazines and newspapers even though she is only 5′- 4″ tall — a full 4 inches shorter than Nancy.  If Nancy would have worked as hard as I did and would have been provided the support that I provided for our daughter, she would have been Miss Washington and competed in the Miss America pageant in the 1960’s.  She would have been in the US Olympic swimming tryout finals. She would have been a professional model.  And she would have had many friends there to help her and support her.  And she would have done the same for her son, Michael.
I think Gary and I could have become good acquaintances as he probably would have enjoyed the challenge of picking up the Aden family as an extended case study and comparing notes and conclusions with me.
I will close at this point.  I just want to request that you please be careful what you place on the Internet as it cannot be retracted once it is out there.  I have three versions of the genealogy.  My public version does not contain any derogatory information or hint that any even exists.  The second version says that there are secrets within the family, but does not spell them out, and the third version, which may go to the grave with me, spells out everything I know about the family and is more than 100 pages long.  I would appreciate if you did not make any derogatory information about the Aden family public, but instead just keep it to yourself or share it with only those Adens whom you are close to.  Since you are also an Aden, you too are probably also genetically gifted as are most of the descendant family.  That makes your family special.
You see, it was your ancestors who led us out of the caves hundreds of thousands of years ago, and into the light of day.  It was your ancestors who led mankind to where we are today.  They were the great thinkers, the idea men, and the scientists.  But it was my ancestors and millions of others like them who took the ideas of your ancestors, put bricks and mortar to them, and made them into reality.  Today, more than ever before, we need great and gifted people like those of the Aden families to develop themselves to the fullest extent possible and to lead humanity forth once again.  That is why I have always nurtured and helped gifted kids and gifted friends of my daughters, taking them on day trips with us and otherwise providing a nurturing environment for them whenever they were with us.
Take care and have a great day.
In a message dated 8/16/2009 1:47:53 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
Paul, I will add this stuff to the website and I’m glad you got my email.  Everything that you sent me has been put on there except the email I got from you today.
I’ll let you know when I add it as it may take a couple of weeks since I’m working full time now.
You can certainly refer anyone interested to our website  I will gladly respond to any inquiry I get.
The other questions you have about the connection between the 2 Aden families I don’t have an answer for and since no one is currently doing any further research in our family, I’m not much help.
Karla Aden
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Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2009 5:37 PM
Subject: Re: Hello again. Thank for the comments from Jeanne
Hi Karla,
Congratulations on finding and getting that new job.  With your working now, that must mean that your foot is better now.  So all in all, you must be feeling pretty good now.  This past week we went to visit a friend of my wife’s who lives east of Savannah, Georgia near the ocean.  The water was almost bathtub warm, but because of the wave action stirring up the sandy bottom, viability within the water was only 12-18 inches.  We saw about four container ships passing by every day, heading to or from Europe, and found a dead, 2-foot long stingray on the beach.  All in all, we had a good vacation.    
I am sending you an attachment of what is mostly the genealogical work of Carlin Aden.  He was good because he wrote narratives about those relatives where stories had been handed down through family lore and legends over the years.  Only an insider Aden would have that kind of information which is rarely included in genealogies.  I also added my two-bits worth.  The information and data is still raw in the sense that I have not checked the dates against previous information or to see if they were reasonable.   I have already found a couple of obvious mistakes in his work, so it is not foolproof.
I translated his work into descendant charts because they could fit on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.  I included about 95 percent of those listed in his index.  I have not yet included everyone, but am still taking a look at it.  Can you tell me yet how or where the two Aden families are connected?  Also, can you tell me how to preserve this work and keep it accessible so if any of the Aden descendants form the Washington / Oregon Aden clan ever wants to pick it up, they will be able to find it?
Take care and have a great week.
Paul Olson    
In a message dated 8/9/2009 1:03:15 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
Phil, I am sorry I haven’t gotten back to you.  I just had to stop everything and do nothing but look for a job.
I finally found a job here after 4 months and just started 2 weeks ago.
I have added everything you sent me to our website at
Thanks again so much for sending it to me.  I really appreciate it, and I again I apologize for taking so long to get this done.
Note to Aden family:  I have added new information to the website thanks to Paul Olson on the Aden Genealogy and also an email from Richard on his ancestor BradleyThomas Bradley of Walton Co., GA whose stepson was William Barkley Allen.
If there is anyone I’m forgetting, please forward to them.
Karla Aden
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Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2009 5:46 PM
Subject: Hello again. Thank for the comments from Jeanne
Dear Karla,
I was happy to receive your reply and to hear that your foot is slowly getting better.  I hope your recovery continues at a steady pace with no problems, setbacks, or infections.
I have sent you virtually everything I know about the Aden Genealogy.  I worked primarily on the genealogy of the mother of Clifford Aden, Freda Gertrude Bryant, because there was much information available on that line and very little on the Aden name line.  Freda was descended about four generations from the family of Daniel Boone, and his genealogy was well researched and written about by most everyone.
I did not do much in the way of serious genealogical research for the Aden’s but instead mostly compiled and consolidated the information that they provided to me.  It turns out that two older Adens – Carlin Aden and “T. Sheldon” who was also “Z. Hunter” who were probably Carlin’s younger sister, Wanda Aden Sutich were the only ones of the family clan who were seriously interested in their genealogy.  Since no one else had much interest in their work, and I did, they worked with me, I sort of became their hard drive storage device.  They grew old and all have since passed on.  That leaves me holding the bag with their genealogies and no one who is really interested.  Clifford asked that I pass a copy on to his grandson, Michael, and I told him I would – which is much easier said than done.  He is 25 now and lives in New Zealand.  His mother, Nancy Aden, gave up her US citizenship and fled to New Zealand in the mid 1970’s with her new husband to escape and get away from all of those who knew some of her family secrets, especially those where she disgraced herself in her teen years —  and I know more of their family secrets than anybody else outside the family.
I found some of Gary’s genealogical work on the Internet.  He was very thorough and possessed expert genealogical skills.  His outstanding work makes mine look like that of a third rate piker and a real amateur.  I hope you folks are completing anything that he left unfinished and will preserve his masterful work so that all who are on that family line can access it and make use of it for many years into the future.
I hope that we might continue to stay in touch so that we both can tie up the loose ends that connect the two Aden clans.  As for me, I am interested in closing out my work on the Washington / Oregon Aden clan and passing it on to those to whom it rightfully belongs — or at least making it eternally available to them in the future.  I am closer to 70 now than to 60 and am beginning to realize my own mortality.  That plus my wife forever telling me to clean out my junk in the basement means that I must start getting serious about finishing up and closing out all of my various open projects of which the Aden genealogy is one.  Another is to go though all of my photos for the past 65 years and either throw them out or write on the back of them what they are.  I have books to get rid of, and of course a whole lot more – like my fishing and camping stuff – after I am sure I will not be using them any more.  I suppose you many see similar problems among some of your older relatives.
Some friends and I were reminiscing about the past and I found our many memories to be very interesting and wrote them down.  Over time, each of us added a few more, and I am sending you the final result as an attachment.  I hope you will find something to smile at as you read through it while waiting for your foot to get better.
Take care and may your week ahead be even better than last week.
In a message dated 5/24/2009 5:21:07 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:
See below from Gary’s wife about the information you provided.  She’s had time to look at it.  I haven’t.  Looks like their might be a connection between the Aden’s you knew and our family.
Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you.  Still looking for a job so that’s consuming all of time right now.
Karla Aden
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Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 6:10 PM
Subject: Letter from Washington/Oregon researcher

Karla:  Just finished reading the research you received and looked at the genealogy listings.  The John Aden listings from Woodford County, Illinois correspond to the research I did one time for Gary when I visited my brother near Peoria, Ill.  If you look at some of the names of the women and men, they correspond to many of the names that Aunt Elda gave us from her family records.  It appears that the step relatives moved onto the West Coast and were lost to the Nebraska relatives.  I don’t know about any of his other stories, but he definitely has dates and records that sound   authentic.

Sorry you haven’t found a job yet.  However, that may be good because you are able to let your foot heal properly. I had a great time in Colorado.  Marcella was her usual wonderful self and we had a great two days together.  Wish I lived closer to her.  The 50th reunion at CU was very special.  So glad I went.  Now I’m working on getting my pictures all together and in a book with my other mementos. Karen and I had fun in Michigan.  We went to Grand Rapids for 2 days and then  to Traverse City for 2 days.  Saw the Gerald Ford Museum and then went wine tasting in Traverse City area. Had a tour of Michigan State where Karen graduated.  It is a beautiful campus .  Much more so than U.of Michigan.  Well, got to get back to my pictures.  My battery is recharged and I need to work on my list of what I’m copying and what I’m not.  Take care.  Have a fun Memorial Day weekend.  Love, Jeanne

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