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Hi Karla,


The letter below is the one I tried to send to you today.  I am essentially finished with the genealogy, but when I tried to attach it, I found that the email providers have set lower limits and it will no longer attach.  It is 60 Mb long.  So I purchased a SanDisk USB storage device and put this letter on it along with the attachment – the Aden genealogy — 2 items.  This revised genealogy has photos and newspaper clippings incorporated.  I think you will like it.  One of the photos – that of Nancy Aden, is shown below.  If you will send me your postal address, I will go ahead and put this SanDisk in a padded mailing envelope and mail it to you.  I want to thank you for cleaning up the emails that I have already sent to you.




This time I have something big for you, but first I must address those who will come to this site looking for the Aden / Felix genealogy.  I will continue this message to you following my communication with the Internet users.  – Look at the end of this email. — Paul J.


The Genealogy and one Complete Branch of the Family Tree going all the way back to Adam and Eve

of  Nancy (Aden) Felix, Wife of  Robert G. Felix and Mother of Michael Felix

all of Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

(See attachment at end of this email for the genealogy)

This genealogy and family tree (the attachment) also applies to the following families, most of whom live in the Pacific Northwest – Aden, Bryant, Culley, and Sutich.  This is a different kind of genealogy.  Instead of just names and dates, it also contains narrative profiles of many of the family members.  I call it a genetic genealogy because I try to trace some of the physical and mental characteristics of this highly gifted family back to their ancestors including the family of the great American explorer and frontiersman, Daniel Boone.


To the Residents of Auckland and Parnell

I have known various members of the Aden family since September 1957.  I first met Nancy Aden in September 1960 when she and I were both starting the 11th grade in the same high school and were classmates in the same high school chemistry class.  I found Nancy and her entire family to be highly gifted and  absolutely fascinating from a sociological and psychological perspective.  I quickly proceeded to become best friends with Nancy and better acquainted with several other members of her extended family.  This genealogy and narrative is but a tiny portion of the story of Nancy Aden Felix and her parents with a brief narrative glimpse into their lives.  It includes one branch of their extensive and fascinating genealogy and family tree as best as I could put it together over a period of about 50 years with the help of several existing Aden genealogies and Nancy’s parents as well as three other members of the older generation of the extended Aden family clan, and many related genealogies that I found on the Internet.  My role in this genealogy, as an outside friend of the family, was primarily one of gathering, compiling, and assembling the available information that was provided to me by a number of sources including Nancy’s parents and three members of the extended Aden family, rather than one of my doing any significant amount of original or primary genealogical research.


I need your help.  In more recent years the senior members of the Aden family with whom I have been working for the last fifty years have either passed on or have become very old and are no longer mentally active or interested in further effort in these genealogical activities, thus my work is done.  They requested  that I make this work available to any descendants who might be interested in it and specifically, they wanted me to make sure the descendants of Nancy’s parents, who are living in Auckland have a copy of this.

Nancy moved from the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with her husband, Robert G. Felix, to Parnell in the mid 1970’s, and now they have a son, Michael Felix, who was born in Auckland in August 1983.


If you know any of them, would you please be so kind and alert them to the existence of this web site and their genealogy? Robert and Nancy live on Laurie Avenue with their home positioned on the favored north side of Laurie Ave with its northern boundary right on Ayr Reserve.   Laurie Avenue is located north off Ayr Street, immediately east of the intersection of Ayr Street andParnell Road.  Their home is a short 0.6 km walk east from the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the Auckland Domain — in Parnell.  Michael Felix should have completed his education at the university where he was majoring in “art design”, and at the age of 26 he is likely to be living on his own by now, most likely somewhere in the Auckland or the North Island region.


Thank you for any assistance you might provide in letting Nancy and/or Robert Felix know about this genealogy.  Please feel free to examine it.  You can access it in the attachment at the end of this email.  Please leave any comments that you may have at the email address shown in the first pages of the attachment.  I think you will find this genealogy to be “interesting” and even controversial to say the least.


Paul J

Michigan USA



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Hi Karla,

Back again.  I made some big discoveries during these last three weeks, the first of which I think you will be interested in.  I did an Internet search of your sites and I found that the Internet search engines do not look in the attachments, only in the email.  So we must put in the email the Keywords and any other information that we will want to be used as tags by Internet search engines to help them find the site.  As it was before, people searching the Internet could look up my name, but my name has nothing to do with the Aden genealogy. By pulling out the “keywords” I have given the search engines something to look at.  Now people looking for the Aden genealogy can find it.


I moved the Carlin Aden genealogy, which was a prime source of information for me, to the end of my genealogy.  The links in it are good. It contains some additional information on various people that I did not use in my genealogy.


I found some photos of the Aden family, mostly of Nancy, from 1961-1962, and some newspaper clippings of Carlin and Clifford, and have inserted them – after I spent some time learning how to scan them into the computer and insert them.  The article on Clifford appears in the middle of the introduction to the genealogy.  The photo and article about Carlin appears at the beginning of his genealogy which follows my genealogy.  I also included a few photos to show how Nancy and doing her genealogy have had a profound effect in changing my life and the way I live and approach my family.  I think you will find them interesting and unusual.


You can remove and delete all of my other emails.  I have consolidated them and copied the relevant material in them for genealogical purposes below.  That way, Internet searchers for the Aden genealogy will not waste time on irrelevant material and emails.  Those that contain private or personal information you can put in your saved emails but no point putting them on the Internet.  I do not want to bore people by wishing that your foot heals and gets better.


Below is a review of my emails and attachment to you that currently show on the Internet.  I have listed the important parts of each Email that are of interest to genealogy searchers. So now you can delete these or put them in your saved emails.


I can send the photo of Nancy, but I was unable to attach the genealogy file — too big.  So I will try to send it via Yahoo, but Yahoo will not accept my opening photo in the email.  So you will have the photo in the email on this aol and the attached file in an adjacent mailing on Yahoo.


Paul J Olson



Email 8

I have sent you virtually everything I know about the Aden Genealogy – the short version.  I worked primarily on the genealogy of the mother of Clifford Aden, Freda Gertrude Bryant, because there was much information available on that line and very little on the Aden name line.  Freda was descended about five generations from the family of Daniel Boone, and his genealogy was well researched and written about by most everyone.


I did not do much in the way of serious genealogical research for the Aden’s but instead mostly compiled and consolidated the information that they provided to me.  It turns out that two older Adens – Carlin Aden and “T. Sheldon”, who was also “Z. Hunter”, were Carlin’s younger sister, Wanda Aden Sutich.  They were the only ones of the family clan who were seriously interested in their genealogy.  Since no one else had much interest in their work, and I did, they worked with me, I sort of became their hard drive storage device.  They grew old and all have since passed on.  That leaves me holding the bag with their genealogies and no one who is really interested.  Clifford asked that I pass a copy on to his grandson, Michael, and I told him I would – which is much easier said than done.  He is 25 now and lives in New Zealand.


Email  #7

I reviewed what I told you before and discovered that if the Texas branch of the Aden clan is related to the Washington/Oregon Aden clan, it must be through your Great Grandfather Aden who immigrated from Germany sometime in the mid to late 1800’s being the brother of  “Ennen Hinrichs Aden” who also immigrated from Germany at about the same time but before 1875.  They would have had the same mother, “Theodora Rethmeier”, who would also appear in your genealogy records as your ancestor.  Below is a clip of the family tree showing what I mean.


/UNKNOWN ADEN+ b: 1799 Germany               /Ennen Hinrichs ADEN b: 1844  in Germany,   m. 06 Feb 1875 Linn, Woodford Co, Ill                                        /            \                                          d: 1937ßImmigrated to  US from Germany                                      |                 \                                                                                                                                     ↓       \Theodora ‘Dora’ RETHMEIER b: c.1824 Germany     /Johann (John) Ennen ADENb: 26 Mar 1882Woodford County,Illinois, d:27 Dec 1969Walla Walla,WA


This is the only possibility because Johann Ennen Aden only had a sister (who would not carry the Aden name after she was married) and a half brother, Nick, by his mother.  It is possible that Nick could have been adopted by his step father and carry the Aden name, but he would not carry the Aden ancestry and genealogy.  Thus, by process of elimination, your Aden ancestor being the brother of Ennen Hinrichs Aden is the only possibility of the two Aden clans being related unless the connection is even earlier in Germany.

Assuming that the above proves to be true, then chances are very high that the two Aden brothers immigrated to the United States together onboard the same ship and mutually decided to drop their long German name in favor of using only the first two syllables once they arrived here. Both of their birth certificates would show the long German name that they were born with and the “unknown Aden” would have a much longer last name that began with Aden….

The genetic characteristics that your clan share in common with the northwest clan would show what remains after four generations to you and what your German ancestors of prior generations were probably like.  It also reinforces my ideas that the genetic characteristics that I see in common in the Washington/Oregon clan can loosely be ascribed to Daniel Boone about six generations back.


Email #6

Our daughter graduated from the University of Michigan last weekend, so we are hoping that is the end to our financial hemorrhaging.  This was a most unusual graduation with the flu scare.  Nobody shook hands.  When the students went up to receive their diplomas, they touched elbows and bumped hips in a choreographed set of movements from years past, a set of movements which I never learned.  She graduated with academic honors but we were kidding her about how we would have rather she have graduated with a job.


You are correct about 5’-10” being about the average height for men.  But there was something special in what you told me.  If you take a good number of adult men in an extended family and measure their heights and plot them on a graph, you will get a bell curve if done correctly.  You told me that the shortest men in your extended family are about average height – and taller.  That means that  5’-10” represents the left or low end of a bell curve of adult male heights for your extended family.  That sounds very much like the bell curve that you would get if you measured the heights of all of the male Aden descendants among the Washington/Oregon Aden clan with John Ennen Aden being the tallest at 6’-6 ½”.  Normally in any extended family you would expect the bell curve to not be too far away from the national average for men, but in both Aden families they are significantly above average heights and very similar to each other, suggesting that there is a good possibility that the two families are related in the not too distant past.

The same discussion holds true for the IQ’s and intelligence of you Texas Adens and the Washington / Oregon Adens – again suggesting that there is a good possibility that the two families are related.

This is what “genetic genealogy” is all about, although I have never heard of anybody else doing it.  Another genetic attribute that Nancy inherited through the Aden family line from her father, Clifford, was her natural hourglass figure.  They are very rare.  Hers was “37B–23-35 ½” inches when she was 17-20 years old and she has remained slender all of her life.  She is now 64 years old.  I suspect that the younger women in your family who are Aden descendants are similarly slender – and maybe the middle aged and older women too.  That tendency to remain slender all of your lives is one omen of extended good health and a long life, although it does not mean that every Aden descendant will remain healthy and live to a ripe old age.


I suspect that if you can find narrative descriptions of your ancestors, that you will find family lines where there were a high number of highly successful and/or prominent ancestors.  Those same genetic qualities that I found in the present day Adens were inherited which means that previous generations had them too for several and perhaps many generations back.  Being tall or above average height gave them an advantage as athletes and warriors, and that is the group from which many of the leaders and nobility where chosen.  And it certainly helped to have above average intelligence – both in modern times as well as in ancient times.



Born in Woodford Co IL, John was raised as the son of a German immigrant farmer, Ennen Hinrichs Aden and his wife, Hiskia.

The father, Ennen, and children (his step-son – Nick, son – John, and daughter – Ella)  relocated to Nebraska, after the death of John’s mother, Hiskia, in 1884. This is proven by the 1885 Nebraska Census on which Ella and John appear.   His half brother, Nick, appears to have already passed away before this date.

John remarked once that his parents spoke German in their home, and the children (two sons and a daughter) were

expected to learn English from their American playmates.  The two sons were half brothers by their mother with different fathers.  The first passed away and she remarried.  John was the youngest, so Ennen Hinrichs Aden was his natural father, and the step-father of his older half brother, Nick.

John farmed in Nebraska during the time he was there, then moved out west with his father and sister, Ella.  Note that the son, John, is now the breadwinner and his father is now his dependent.  John’s ultimate destination was Walla Walla Washington, then still part of the Oregon Territory.   Here he farmed a pretty good parcel of land as a tenant farmer for the landowner and did well with horses.  Heworked for a grocery store for a short while, then moved to the Mill Creek area where he purchased a small farm.

On the 30th of April, 1911, John married young Freda Bryant in a small wedding ceremony at her parents’ “Rohn Farm” home inWalla Walla County, just two days after her 18th birthday.  He was 29 at the time of their wedding.  Their first child, Carlin, was born ten months later.  They had four children, two boys and two girls over the next nine years.   Freda became a great cook, feeding the family and all the farmhands.

There is very likely a story here of Freda’s parents, Thomas Bryant and Nancy (Rohn) Bryant not being any too happy about their young 17 year old daughter, Freda, seeing and dating a much older, 29 year old, struggling farmer, and wanting to marry him.  She married him anyway, despite her parents’ likely objections, exactly two days after she turned 18 and promptly moved out of her parents’ home.  Even though her parents, Thomas and Nancy, were fairly well off, Freda did not receive much, if any, financial help from her parents, and as a result, she and John had to start at the bottom being poor and slowly work their way up.  They spent many years being poor and slowly worked their way out of poverty, and even managed to send their four children to college during the height of the Great Depression in the 1930’s.

Back to John Aden  — at a later point in John’s life prior to 1920, he sold the farm and moved to the town of Mill

Creek, Washington, near Walla Walla.   He and Freda, and their four children rented and resided in a smaller home that was built around the 1920’s; it was groomed well both inside and out.  In 1920 the census showed John to be 37 years old, Freda was 27 years old, and their fourth child, Marion, had recently been born.  He worked as a laborer at the Pacific Coast Grain and Elevator for many years.  The 1930 Census at the beginning of the Great Depression lists John as working as a warehouse manager (possibly they mean he was still working at the Pacific Coast Grain and Elevator Company but had been promoted to the position of manager.) in Mill Creek.   During his last ten working years, he went to work for the Walla Walla State Prison System as a guard where he worked until his retirement.

When John was asked about any siblings, he claimed to have had a half-brother, Nick who was deceased, but that was a long time ago.  The question was posed in the 1960s.. This writer found out his half-brother was a son from his birth mother’s  first marriage (she was a former widow).  John and Nick were pretty close, exchanged many letters and shared visits until Nick’s death.

The day before his death at age 87 in the cold and bitter winter of 1969, John was up and active for an elderly man.  He’d cleaned the furnace already, but checked it again (always cautious about the oil heat).  Just a normal day for him, as he had already cleaned off the sidewalk and porch too of accumulated snow.   A hard worker, he was.  No question about it.  That night he went to bed as normal, and the next morning his wife, Freda, found him lifeless.  We know that his spirit yet lives, and his family is surely around him, now, and forever more.


=^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^=

Source:  Freda Bryant  #1663, Thomas Jay Bryant  #692, Joshua Bryant #228,  Thomas #48,  Rachel Wilcockson #9, John Wilcoxson #1 —


Email #5

There are two things about you that interest me.  Your father’s name was Carl and he named his daughter “Karla”.  In the Aden family I know inWestern Washington, an Aden father (now deceased) was named Carlin and he named his daughter “Karla”.  The Karla I know is now about 63 years old.  This implies that your two families are probably related and have a common male German ancestor whose name was Carl Aden.  Because both of your families considered him to be important enough and special enough to name their sons after him, he must have been pretty important or pretty special.


Nancy Aden, told me many years ago that the German Aden name was much longer and difficult to pronounce, so the family shortened the original German name to the first two syllables – Aden when they immigrated to America.


The Aden family whom I know are extremely gifted.  Clifford and Carlin as well as their two sisters had very high, near-genius level IQ’s.  Since IQ is largely inherited, this implies that their father, John Ennen Aden was also extremely brilliant with a near genius level IQ.  And very high IQ’s likely go back in the Aden ancestry for many generations.  The fact that your brother, Gary Aden, was a doctor implies that he also had a very high IQ.  And it is very likely that you and your other siblings also have very high IQ’s and were very good students in school. Is that assumption anywhere near correct?  Are the children, and grandchildren of you and your siblings also above average in intelligence and as students?


Clifford and his daughter Nancy were exceptionally attractive and exceptional athletes with super cardiovascular systems.  Does physical attractiveness and athletic prowess run in your family too?


And the Adens I knew were all tall with Clifford being 6′-6″, his father, John Ennen Aden being 6′-6 1/2″, and his daughter, Nancy being 5′-8″.  Are you, your siblings, and all of the children also above average in height?


This has been what I have been exploring with this genealogy for the last 50 years, so I look for narrative descriptions more than dates born, married, died.


Email #4

Normally, I would have no interest in doing this for any non-relative, but the Clifford Aden family and extended family are all extremely gifted and it was apparent to me that their super-qualities ran in the family and in their genetics.  One of my questions was how much of what I was seeing in them and their Aden relative was also to be found in Daniel Boone?  Also, I have never seen a genealogy that I could follow all the way back to Adam and Eve (on the Internet).  Doing just that proved to be a tremendous learning experience as I explained in the genealogy.


If your family is closely related to the Clifford Adens, I would be interested in finding out how many and to what extent their super-qualities and genetic characteristics also run in your own family genes.  Their special characteristics are the following:

1.  Being very tall and slender.  Clifford stood 6′-6″.  His daughter, Nancy, stood 5′-8″, and his own father, John Ennen Aden stood 6′-6 1/2.  The related Adens are all well above average height.

2.  Having an hourglass figure.  Clifford was broad in the shoulders and narrow in the waist and hips.  Nancy measured 37B – 23 – 35 1/2 when she was 17 and remained slender all of her life.  Her grandmother, Freda Gertrude Bryant was very slender.  The other Adens are all slender.

3.  Being exceptionally attractive.  Clifford could easily rival any of the great movie stars for sexy good looks.  His daughter, Nancy, was the most attractive girl in our high school of some 2000 students.  Her female cousins were all also exceptionally attractive when they were young.

4.  Having exceptionally high IQ’s.  Clifford was 135-140 estimated.  Nancy was 125 measured. (Her mother a non-Aden by blood, was 1xx estimated).  Clifford’s brother, Carlin also had a near genius level IQ and was a regionally famous poet whom you can still find on the Internet.  Most of the descendants of John Ennen Aden have completed at least a bachelor’s degree in college.

5.  They were super athletes.  Clifford was the starting tight end and wide receiver all four yours on his university’s varsity football team in the middle 1930’s.  Nancy had a super-cardiovascular system and could swim for hours at high speed, doing laps in an Olympic size pool.  Having a large, strong heart and a large lung capacity helps explain her amazing figure.  Most of the other relatives were also physically active athletes.

6.  Natural leadership skills.  Clifford rose to being one of the very highest ranking officials in the Washington State government.

Carlin Aden was a school principal, a top administrator in the school district, a college professor, and an honored poet.  The Aden relatives in Oregonare active members of the town system.


I hope this is enough.  What I saw is that the entire Aden family is genetically gifted far above average and matched by very few other families.  I wanted to know what made them tick.  What made them special?  I found out a whole lot more than I ever expected, including many family secrets and closet skeletons.  Their family also had their faults, but then, don’t we all?



Email #3  You can delete this in its entirety.  The attachment in today’s email supersedes the one in Email #3.


Email # 2 — Delete




Note from Karla Aden

I could not copy  Nancy Aden Felix’s picture into this entry; nor could I save it and attach it.
December 26, 2009


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