From Mike Aden

05_Gary_Aden-Mike_AdenThis one word best describes my brother, Gary Carl Aden. He enjoyed so many passions, including his life-long pursuit of knowledge, his medical career, his truly “All American” family, his love of spectator sports, and his business and investment interests. I suppose Gary’s passion for genealogy began in his early years while collecting family memorabilia. He relished the family legends passed on by Mom, Dad, grandparents, and aunts and uncles.

Following retirement, Gary’s quest for understanding his roots manifested itself in detailed research and documentation, journeys to research our ancestral background, retrieving and sharing information with other researchers, and attending reunions of other branches of our family tree. Since his typing skills were lacking, he recorded his findings by the “hunt and peck” method on the miniature keyboard provided by Web TV in email format.

His medical education and professional career related to the human psyche. Therefore, it is not surprising that his writings reflect the personalities of our ancestors. We are indebted to Gary for providing this record and—more importantly—his personal contributions to our family’s history. I wish to thank our sister, Carla (Karla) Rae Aden, and Gary’s wife, Jeanne Schroll Aden, for making this information available to our family.

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