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12_Jeanne_Aden-Gary_Aden_gardenGary Carl Aden is the retired physician (now deceased) responsible for compiling the information on this web site that relates to the search and documentation of his genealogy.

A required genetics course in college made him aware of the importance of gathering and maintaining a large database of genealogical information. With extra time since his retirement, he began to pursue his genealogy seriously, realizing the value of his pursuit would and could be validated by scientific developments overtime.

He was born in Denver, Colorado on Nov. 18, 1935. His parents, Carl and Bobbie Aden, eventually moved to Del Norte, Colorado where Gary received almost all of his education through high school.

As valedictorian of his class he enrolled at the University of Colorado in pre-med. After three years he entered CU’s medical school in Denver where he completed the course and received his MD in June of 1960.

His internship was done at San Diego County Hospital followed by three years of psychiatric and neurology residency at the University of Oklahoma medical school. That was followed by two years in the U.S. Navy at Balboa Hospital in San Diego, California.

From there he entered private practice in San Diego, during which time he studied and passed his boards in psychiatry and neurology.

He and his wife, Jeanne Aden, are the parents of twin daughters, Pam Aden and Val Lindsay and also two sons Greg Aden and Geoff Aden.

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