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Gary Aden Fishing

This website is dedicated to my brother Gary Carl Aden and the genealogy research he did on all branches of the Aden/Allen family.

All of Gary’s research (over several years) was done on WebTV and through email and the Internet (my brother did not know the computer). It was all printed and put into albums. These emails, along with other material, are currently being stored in a garage. Therefore, viewing the material is at best difficult, and is lost to most of us now living.

My objective in doing the website was to put all the research on the Internet to be read by family members or by other interested parties, and preserve what Gary did for now and in the future.

All family or non-family members who wish to contribute will be able to add to this website. I hope that all will take a genuine interest in our heritage. We are a proud family, of good stock and breeding, and we are lucky to be who we are.

Further, I hope that all the adults and siblings and grandchildren of Mike and Nora Aden (including the Powell’s); Gary and Jeanne Aden; Tish and Ross Pruden; Sally Jennings; and Anna McDonough will appreciate the content, and as time passes develop a genuine interest in possibly carrying on where Gary Aden left off.

Be my guest. Have a look. You will find it fascinating. I did and I’ve only read a small portion of what was written.